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Professional introduction

Uav application technology is a new comprehensive technology. Since its popularization and application in China, it has been widely used in the field of military and civil technology。In specific applications, UAVs have also become a means of operation and a tool to enhance the level of industrial development in many fields such as national defense construction, geological survey, power grid inspection, highway patrol, meteorological detection, and maritime patrol。Even in recent years, several international local wars have used drones in large quantities, it is foreseeable that the use of drones in the future battlefield will be more and more, it will inevitably become the focus of the world's military powers weapons and equipment development。

Development prospect

In addition to carrying out reconnaissance, surveillance, fire strike, communication and other tasks in the military field, drones can also complete disaster assessment, geological survey, aerial photography and aerial survey, police highway patrol, forest fire prevention, maritime patrol and other tasks in the civilian field。In addition, in natural disasters such as mudslides, earthquakes, storms, drones have also played an extremely important role by timely and rapid information transmission, and have become an indispensable tool for human beings to fight natural disasters。It can be seen that whether in the military or civilian fields or in the fight against natural disasters, the application of UAVs is more and more extensive, so it also brings a large number of UAVs control and application talents demand。

Taking surveying and mapping industry as an example, it is a key task of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping to promote the application of fixed-wing light UAV aerial photography system nationwide to provide data acquisition means for national emergency relief and other work。仅2010年,There are 16 provincial and municipal aerial survey units equipped with unmanned aerial photography systems,This also marks that the UAV aerial photography system, which has played an important role in Wenchuan earthquake relief and post-disaster reconstruction, has begun to fully equip surveying and mapping units,However, at present, domestic UAV operators and the corresponding ground crew and aerial survey data processing personnel are all short-term trained by some social training institutions,It is not only insufficient to meet the current social needs in terms of quantity,The quality of talents can not meet the requirements of employers。This kind of talent shortage has also occurred in other UAV application fields, which seriously restricts the development of industrial upgrading, safe operation, cost saving and other aspects of enterprises。

Training objectives:

It aims to cultivate support for the party's basic line,All-round development of moral, intellectual, physical and beauty,Adapt to the needs of frontline positions in the UAV application industry,Have good professionalism, cultural accomplishment and professional ethics,Familiar with UAV system structure and working principle, UAV control technology and other basic theories and expertise;Master the business and operational skills of UAV production, installation, commissioning, maintenance, control and other related positions,High-quality workers and technical professionals who can engage in the production and assembly of UAV parts, final assembly and debugging, quality inspection, production management, marketing and skilled control of non-control man-machine and other related work。