Full-time institutions of higher learning registered by the Ministry of Education

College office duties

The College Office is a comprehensive office responsible for the administration of college affairs under the leadership of the College。Their responsibilities are as follows:

1.College office Director position responsibilities

(1) Responsible for the organization and arrangement of administrative meetings, learning and important activities of the school, and responsible for the relevant meeting minutes。

(2) Responsible for drafting and compiling administrative documents such as school work plans, summaries, requests for instructions, minutes, notices and related materials and letters, as well as drafting and revising various rules and regulations of the school office。

(3) Responsible for the coordination and communication among various departments of the whole school, urge all departments to implement the resolutions of their superiors and the administrative council of the school, and timely report the information and problems to the leaders of the school。

(4) Responsible for the reception, circulation, issuance and archiving of internal and external documents of the College and the entire operation of the OA system, as well as the release and update of the website information of the college office。

(5) To take charge of the comprehensive statistical work of the whole institute, fill in the relevant comprehensive statements together with the relevant departments, compile and print the relevant statistical materials, and provide statistical data。

(6) Responsible for information work, timely upload and issue various notification information and report information, and provide information inquiry and services。

(7) Responsible for the reception arrangements and letters and visits of school leaders, warmly received and patiently dealt with letters and visits from teachers, students, staff and parents。

(8) Responsible for the reception work of superior leaders and competent departments to visit and guide the hospital and brother units to visit the hospital。

(9) Responsible for the compilation of college annals and yearbooks and the annual inspection of the legal person certificate of public institutions and the code certificate of organizations。

(10) Be responsible for the management and use of the party and government seals of the College, and approve the engraving of the seals of various departments and the management, use and storage of the copies of the certificates of legal persons and organizational bodies of the college。

(11) Responsible for the compilation of college rules and regulations。

(12) To be responsible for the management of the archives of the Institute。

(13) Complete other work assigned by the leader。

2.Responsibilities of administrative posts

(1) Assist the director in making announcements, circulars, notices, notifications and other documents on administrative matters issued in the name of the College, and do a good job in the management of documents and archives of the college。

(2) Assist the director to update and publish the content of the college overview, the college website and the college rules and regulations。

(3) Assist the director in the organization of external reception and large-scale meetings of the whole school, and the arrangement of meeting affairs。

(4) Responsible for the reception and mailing of letters by the leaders of the hospital and the office of the hospital, and the subscription and distribution of newspaper materials。

(5) Responsible for the registration management of conference rooms and copy rooms of the College。

(6) Responsible for the reimbursement of teachers' mobile phone charges, the reimbursement of school leaders' ticket booking, and the registration of official meals on campus。

(7) Responsible for the compilation of the School's "Office Telephone List" and "Office Directory"。

(8) Responsible for ordering the school's office table, the school's conference room and the library's lecture hall for large-scale important conference banners。

(9) Responsible for the registration and issuance of college gifts, the issuance of university badges, the issuance of stamped paper and the management of the warehouse。

(10) Complete other work assigned by the leader。

3.Asset management position responsibilities

(1) Assist leaders in establishing rules and regulations for the college's asset management, bidding and contract management, clarifying the responsibilities and powers used by various departments, and standardizing work processes and approvals。

(2) Responsible for the acceptance, registration, accounting and asset declaration of instruments, equipment and furniture spare parts purchased by all departments。

(3) Responsible for the receipt, handover, borrowing, adjustment, asset account registration and adjustment of the college's daily office equipment and furniture。

(4) Responsible for the registration, inventory, inventory, statistical summary and daily supervision and inspection of fixed assets of the College。

(5) Responsible for the organization, management and project acceptance of bidding and business negotiation。

(6) Responsible for submitting, managing and filing all kinds of contracts of the college。

(7) Complete other tasks assigned by leaders。

4.Records management position responsibilities

(1) Responsible for the collection, sorting, computer storage, material binding, storage, borrowing and transfer of all kinds of archives。

(2) Responsible for the previous graduates who go abroad, employment, postgraduate entrance examination, issue the certificate of academic performance or admission certificate (copy, seal)。

(3) Responsible for providing party and government documents, teaching, personnel, students, contracts, bidding and other files inquiry services。

(4) Be responsible for actively carrying out archives publicity work to improve the archives awareness of all teachers and students in the school。

(5) Master the skills of using computers to manage archives, and accelerate the informationization of archives。

(6) Responsible for the security and confidentiality of archives, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the college and scientific and technological personnel。

(7) Complete other work assigned by the leader。