Full-time institutions of higher learning registered by the Ministry of Education

College profile

Fuyang Vocational College of Science and Technology is approved by the people's Government of Anhui Province, registered by the Ministry of Education, to participate in the national plan of unified enrollment and independent enrollment of full-time ordinary colleges and universities。The college enrolls students from all over the country and is qualified to independently issue national college education。

The College is located in the northwest of Anhui modern regional central city, cultural and historical city - Fuyang city, the college covers an area of more than 300 mu, the campus learning and living facilities are complete, all kinds of teaching and administrative rooms up to more than 100,000 square meters, the teaching resources per student for the province's top universities。The college has modern experimental training centers covering management, engineering, humanities and arts, such as computer, electronic engineering, medical imaging, numerical control technology, mold design, automotive electronics, language lab, accounting simulation room and other related majors。The college library has a collection of more than 300,000 volumes, and has a campus network system covering teaching area, administrative office area and student living area。

The college adheres to the educational purpose of training talents in urgent need of local economic construction,education-oriented,Focus on connotation construction,Improve teaching management rules and regulations,Establish an education and teaching quality control system,Establish an internal management system with the characteristics of the university,Set up 18 specialties,5 years of implementation of the junior college 4,Involving finance, tourism, electronic information, mechanical and electrical several major professional groups,Constitute the service area economic construction,A professional system of higher vocational education based on modern service industry。

The college adheres to the development strategy of "talent building school", "talent revitalizing school" and "talent strengthening school",We will vigorously promote the construction of teaching staff,Experts and professors from well-known universities and some enterprises are hired to teach in the school,Basically formed a professional leader, discipline leader, enterprise engineering and technical experts composed of "double teacher" teaching team。The school actively explores the talent training model of "school-enterprise cooperation and the combination of work and learning", carries out the teaching model of "order training, on-the-job internship, and the altercountry of work and learning", establishes the entrepreneurship center in the school, actively encourages and guides students to start a business while learning, and also provides intellectual, interpersonal resources and financial support for entrepreneurs。

The College has set up employment offices and cooperation units in the Pearl River Delta (Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Dongguan, etc.), the Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, etc.), the Taiwan Strait Economic Zone (Xiamen, Shishi, Zhangzhou, etc.) and the Huanbohai Economic Zone (Beijing, Tianjin, etc.), and has built a wide range of employment systems。The college has signed cooperation agreements with more than 100 famous large enterprises at home and abroad, the implementation of order-type training, students directly work after graduation, the college's rich and smooth employment channels, the construction of a broad and solid employment service platform, so that graduates of our school can successfully find employment before the middle of June。

For more than 30 years, the school has continuously adhered to reform, innovative development, and formed a distinctive school-running characteristics。得到了各级政府、领导和社会各届的悉心关怀与大力支持,江泽民、胡锦涛、温家宝等30多位党和国家领导人曾先后亲临学校视察,调研和指导,并发表重要讲话或题名、题词鼓励,肯定了办学业绩,鼓舞了学院的发展信心。胡锦涛称赞“学校条件好,社会效益高,顺应了社会发展需要,符合职业教育的方向。”

College leader

Secretary, Supervisor: Zou Bin                      Chairman: Zhang Helin

Dean: Zhang Xianghong                         Executive Dean: Yan Yulian

Vice President: Wang Yong                                 Deputy Secretary: Wu Yihong

Vice President: Ren Jun                               Assistant Dean: Wang Jun