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Fuyang Science and Technology Vocational College held the opening ceremony of 2023 freshmen and military training summary commendation conference

Release Date: 2023-09-29 Views: 1033

    2023At 9 am on September 28, the opening ceremony of freshmen and the military training summary and commendation Conference were held in the college stadium。The province sent supervisory commissioner, College Party branch secretary Zou Bin, executive dean Yan Yulian and other leaders, Fuyang City Yingzhou District Armed Forces military training Office director Luo Yingjun, counselors and all new students participated in the conference。The conference was presided over by Wu Yihong, deputy secretary of the General Party Branch of the College。

    The military training summary report opened in the grand and passionate national song。The 2023 freshman military training team walked with neat steps, shouted loud slogans, walked from the rostrum with high morale, and accepted the leadership of the meeting教师Review of。After that, they performed military boxing, dagger exercises and other teams。The students' neat and uniform team was fully displayed with the overwhelming slogan阜科The spirit of the students。

    Student representative Liu Jiahui spoke passionately。He said,We can not forget the instructors in the training figure, stern eyes, in the military training is coming to an end today is the beginning of our new life, no matter how difficult we are ahead of us we will go forward and continue to progress。

    Director Luo Yingjun is here讲话Also sufficientAffirmed the new military trainingBrilliant performance。I hope you can pursue excellence and realize your dreams and goals in your future study and life!

    Then, the student representative to军训The instructor presented flowers。President Yan Yulian read it out2023 Military training recognition decision, decided to award Li Huihui and other 40 students "training model" honorary title, the leader of the podium for the "training model" issued a certificate。

最后,邹斌书记Make a concluding speech。First of all, he thanked the instructors for their hard work. YesThe students in the military training showed the hard work, not afraid of difficulties, unity and upward qualityHighly appreciated, but also for their future student life具体Ask and wish them wellFuture study生活Continue the spirit of military trainingCarry forward。