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Fuyang Science and Technology Vocational College held the 2023 student congress

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September 27, 2023下午三点In college礼堂召开Student Congress 2023学院General Party BranchVice Secretary Wu Yihong, Vice President Ren Jun, Director of Student Affairs Wang ZiliStudent representativeParticipated in this meeting大会Presided over by Chang Xinxin, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee。

At the beginning of the meeting, all the participants stood up and sang the national anthem

接着,Wang Zili处长In his speech, he fully affirmed the student UnionIn the past yearAcquired job成绩The main tasks of this student Congress have been clarified。对To be elected soonThe new class of student organizations set expectations and demands, I hope that the new student organization can unite and lead the whole school, based on the reality of the school,Create new performance inUnder the guidance of the oath of "Please rest assured, strong country me", we will continue to strive to build a learning, service-oriented, progressive and culture-oriented student union organization on the journey of youth, practice with a work attitude of excellence, constantly promote their own reform, and earnestly perform their functionsEnsure that the student union is built into a student union that is politically strong, rooted in students and clean and upright under the leadership of the Party。

Then, Wu YihongThe deputy secretary was speakingFour hopes were raised:第一,It is hoped that student organizations at all levels will continue to deepen reform and strengthen their own construction.I hope that all student representatives sincerely fulfill their duties and serve the development of youth;第三,It is hoped that the backbone of the youth League can bravely carry the mission of The Times and play a pioneering role;第四,I hope all the young students insist on the five education and strive to do"Five" talents。YoshihiroIn his speech, the secretary stressed that the election of student representatives is a major event in the political life of the majority of young students in our college, and an important measure to cultivate students' consciousness of participating in politics and deliberation。It is hoped that the student representatives can turn the trust given by the students into the motivation for work, work hard, serve the students, and contribute to the construction and development of the college。

Student congress修改Fuyang Vocational College of Science and TechnologyDraft articles of association》,Published the Fuyang Science and Technology Vocational College student union cadre list and community leaders单,Against candidatesOn a show of handsAnd to the newly electedList of students' union cadres and leaders of associations颁发聘书。

上届Liu Chuanxin, president of the Student Union, made a summary report on the work of the student Union in the past year, and made clear the goal of the development of the student union in the next stage。

    最后The assembly also responded to the previous student Union9 outstanding club staff and 14 outstanding student workersThe award certificate was presented