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Announcement on the results of the election of representatives of the 10th Congress of Anhui Student Federation and the 10th Committee, presidium candidate groups and representatives of each group

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League branch and student organization of secondary colleges:

The 10th Congress of Anhui Student Federation was drafted in202310May be held in Hefei, our school according to the notice requirementsThe selection work shall be carried out in strict accordance with the selection criteria and procedures。Now the selection results will be publicized, if there is any objection, please reflect to the school Youth League committee within the publicity period。

Official Representative:

Liu Chuanxin, male, Han nationality,20033Born in October, Communist Youth League member, Fuyang Vocational College of Science and Technology2020Grade electronic commerce major student。Currently, he is the executive chairman of the Student Union of Electronic Information College of Fuyang Vocational College of Science and Technology。

Publicity period:2023104—2023106

Contact and Email: Chang Xinxin, Youth League Committee  569205655@qq.com

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