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Fuyang Vocational College of Science and Technology on the establishment of the National award and scholarship review leading group and review committee notice

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Each secondary college:

In order to further strengthen the organization and leadership of the student financial aid work and effectively do a good job in the work of student financial aid of our University in the new academic year, we hereby inform you of the matters related to the establishment of the student financial aid evaluation committee and the class democratic evaluation group of each college in this academic year:

一、Regarding the establishment of the Student Financial Aid Evaluation Committee for each secondary college

Each secondary college is requested to set up a secondary college dean as the leader and a counselor(Not lower than6 )The Student Financial Assistance Assessment Committee, which is a member, is responsible for the assessment of student financial assistance for each institution in the current academic year

Please lead and organize the work of student financial aid in this academic year in accordance with the requirements of various financial aid policiesHelp students in needSubsidize educationNew progress has been made。

Second, about the formation of class students' democratic evaluation group

Class democratic evaluation is the most basic link of the identification of students from families with financial difficulties and the evaluation of awards and grants. It is also an important channel to realize students' self-management, self-service and self-supervision. It is directly related to the effectiveness and accuracy of the identification work of students from families with financial difficulties and the fairness of the evaluation of awards and grantsFair and open。Therefore, all colleges are requested to attach great importance to the formation of the student democratic review group and ensure the impartiality, representativeness and universality of the members of the student democratic review group。Specific requirements:

1. The leader of the class student evaluation group is the counselor, and the members are composed of student representatives;

2. The student representative shall be elected by all the students in the class, and the representative shall not be a student who has been recognized as participating in the financial assistance, and the number of representatives shall not be less than6人;

Third, please each secondary college in910After the completion of the pre-construction work, the publicity time shall not be less than5On this day, the evaluation committee of the secondary college needs to make a public announcement in the college, and the student democratic evaluation group of the class needs to make a public announcement in the class, and take photos and print out the publicity results, and submit them to the Student Financial Aid Management Center for preservation。

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