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Comrade Chen Bin, Teacher League branch of Fuyang Science and Technology Vocational College, participated in the evaluation of the "excellent Communist Youth League cadres" publicity of the city education system

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Fuyang Science and technology vocational College Youth League committeeAbout declaration2022Annual Fuyang City education system"Excellent Communist Youth League"The spirit of the notice, recommended by the relevant league branch, the school leagueScreening sumFuyang science and technology vocational College Party branchApprove, recommendFuyang Science and technology vocational college teacher League branch Comrade Chen BinParticipate in the evaluation of the city education system"Excellent and youngLeague cadre"The publicity is now open to all teachers and students. The publicity period is2023328日至20223330日,共3天。


Fuyang Science and technology vocational College

March 28, 2023