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Fuyang Vocational College of Science and Technology in Anhui Province in 2022 outstanding graduates list

Release Date: 2022-06-10 Views: 2788

Warm congratulations to the following 30 students of our school who were awarded outstanding graduates

Shao Mengyuan (female) Qin Ruirui (female) Yang Shenghan (male) Ma Nannan (female) Yan Zeqiang (male) Hu Meng (female)

Cao Jinlong (Male) Zhang Baobao (male) Wang Zaisui (female) Wang Siqi (male) Zhang Jie (male) Wu Shenghong (female)

Sun Dongyang (male) Jiang Hao (male) Hu Yongqing (male) Dong Xuelong (male) Zhu Hongqing (male) Yin Xiaolong (male)

Zhu Huaiyuan (Male) Lieutenant Colonel Chen (Male) Zhang Tao (Male) Gong Chunbao (male) Du Pengfei (Male) Leng Hu (male)

Yu Tao (Male) Zhang Juhui (male) Wang Hui (male) Liu Kui (male) Liu Qin (female) Zhang Hongman (female)

In the past three years, you have studied hard in your Alma mater, worked hard and diligently in your respective positions, and won honors for your Alma mater with good quality and extraordinary performance。In order to strengthen the construction of campus culture, constantly show a variety of campus style, set a learning example for other students。At this moment, the melody has been played。You will enter the society, ride the wind and waves, through the sea, but please don't forget the unforgettable classmate friendship, don't waste the glorious youth, don't give up the ideals and beliefs once held, don't live up to the ardent expectations of the teachers。