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Notice on the launch of the "Spring warm March, Lei Feng around" theme essay activity

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Each secondary college:

March is the annual learning Lei Feng month。Lei Feng spirit is the embodiment of the Chinese nation's national spirit of love for labor, diligence, frugality, readiness to help others and selfless dedication。In order to deepen students' knowledge and understanding of the spirit of Lei Feng, encourage students to consciously and actively practice the spirit of Lei Feng in life and study, form a good atmosphere to learn Lei Feng, and guide the majority of teachers and students to promote the construction of campus spiritual civilization with their own words and deeds, it is decided to hold the theme of learning Lei Feng Month essay activities。

1. Essay theme

Spring warm March, Lei Feng around

Second, the essay object

Fuyang Science and technology vocational College all students

3. Essay requirements

1.Creating around the theme of "Spring warm March, Lei Feng is around" requires true content, sincere emotions, distinctive features, and positive energy。

2.The manuscript should be closely related to the requirements of the subject and express what you see and think。The content of the manuscript should be healthy, positive, rich in ideological and cultural connotation, and correct and clear in value orientation。

3.The number of words required is at least 800 words, and the genre and title are not limited except for novels。

4.Electronic manuscripts must be in a unified format, the title of the use of boldface No. 3, the text of the use of Song Xiao No. 4。File name: Article name + School + class + name。

5.Entries must be never published and the content is true, no fabrication, no plagiarism, no replacement, once found immediately disqualified。

6.Please specify the author's real name, college, class, and contact information at the end of the article。

7.Please submit within the specified time by the specified method, no delay。

Iv. Award setting

According to the submissions, there will be a number of first prize, second prize, third prize and excellence awards。

Five, essay time

March 15, 2022 to March 25, 2022。

Please be sure to send the essay to the designated email address before March 25。

6. Contact information

1.Entries are submitted by mail with the file name: Article name + School + class + name。

Email: 702007945@qq.com

Youth League Committee

March 15, 2022