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Our school held the 2021 annual League branch Secretary review Council

Release Date: 2022-03-18 Views: 2996

In order to thoroughly implement the Interim Measures for the Review and Evaluation of the Secretary of the Grassroots League Organization by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the League,Comprehensively summarize the work of our school in 2021 and plan and deploy the key work of our school in 2022,On the afternoon of March 16th,In the conference room on the third floor of the office, our school held the 2021 annual League Branch Secretary review Council。Wu Yihong, deputy secretary of the school Party Committee, Secretary of the general branch of the school League and all staff of the school League Committee attended the meeting, which was presided over by Liu Wenjie, secretary of the School League Committee。

At the meeting, the secretary of the league branch of each class of our school made a PPT presentation on the work development and key work contents of 2021, objectively summarized the work achievements and shortcomings achieved in the past year, and put forward the direction of efforts and work ideas for the next step of the league school work according to their own work practice and professional characteristics。Liu Wenjie made an understanding of the key work tasks in the first half of 2022。The deputy secretary of the General Party Branch commented on the work content of the secretary of the league branch of each class, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on the work of the Communist Youth League of our school。

In his summary, Wu Yihong affirmed the large and effective work made by league organizations at all levels in serving the development of the school and serving the growth of students, and put forward new requirements for the work of league schools in our school: First, we should focus on ideological guidance and strengthen the armed theory of innovation。Firmly uphold the "two established principles",Resolutely achieve "two maintenance";Take the 20th Party Congress and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the League as an opportunity,Plan ahead and be thorough and concrete,Organize and carry out a good "welcome 20.,Always follow the party,"Forging a New Journey" theme educational practice activities;Vigorously promote online thought leadership,Compaction of ideological responsibility,Enhance awareness of preventing and defusing major risks involving youth,Ensure political security and stability on campus。The second is to focus on responsibility and serve the overall development of the school。Under the leadership of the school Party Committee, closely focusing on the central tasks of the school, the organization and leadership of the majority of youth members respond to the call of the school, support the school reform, participate in the school construction, and promote the development of the school。The third is to focus on moral cultivation, serving students to grow into talents。In the process of talent training, we pay attention to labor education, mental health education, safety education and innovation and entrepreneurship education, and work hard, hard and emotional, and actively integrate the league school work into the school's ideological and political work pattern。Fourth, it is necessary to focus on its own construction and consolidate the role of the fighting fortress of the group。Adhere to the comprehensive and strict governance of the group, strict governance of the committee, so that the required actions are unbroken, and the optional actions are colorful。

Wu Yihong also said in his speech that the General Party Branch should strengthen the overall leadership of the Party, continue to adhere to the work policy of "Party building with league building", incorporate the construction of the league into the overall plan of party building, constantly improve the level of league building under the new situation, and promote the healthy development of Party organization construction and league organization construction。