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2021 Fuyang Science and Technology Vocational College Communist Youth League reform

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In order to implement the "Several Measures to deepen the reform of the School Communist Youth League" issued by the League Central Committee and the Ministry of Education, in accordance with the requirements of the Implementation Plan for the Reform Evaluation of the School Communist Youth League, and to accept the supervision of teachers and students, the reform situation of the school Communist Youth League as of November 2021 is disclosed as follows。

1. Reform self-evaluation form

At present, there are 16 league branches in the school, and the coverage rate of Party history learning and education is 100% this year, and the average number of theoretical studies of the league branch is 5 times。已组织开展的校级理论学习有:主题报告《太阳集团tyc151(中国VIP)官方网站》、主题团课《太阳集团tyc151(中国VIP)官方网站》《太阳集团tyc151(中国VIP)官方网站》、微团课《太阳集团tyc151(中国VIP)官方网站》等活动。

Second, political education mechanism

In 2021, a total of 22 people were selected to join the Party through the organization standard procedure。The document of the school's Youth League organization's promotion system for Party membership is the Work System of Fuyang Vocational College of Science and Technology for Party Membership Promotion (revised in 2021).。

In 2021, there are 70 students in the school-level "Tsing Ma Project"。

Iii. Practical education mechanism

In 2021, 276 students participated in social practice activities such as "three trips to the countryside" and "returning home", and 173 students participated in voluntary service。Three activities, including "Hundreds of Thousands of family visits", "24356 Campus Recruitment" and "Youth League Committee Help Plan", have been carried out, covering 200 students。Actively organize students to participate in "Challenge Cup" and other innovative and entrepreneurial activities。

The "Second class report card" system has been fully implemented, and the "Fuyang Science and Technology Vocational College Second Class Implementation Plan" and related implementation rules have been issued。The training program is divided into six modules: ideological quality, cultural quality, physical and mental quality, workplace basic quality, workplace professional quality, innovation and entrepreneurship quality, each module has a clear implementation goal, detailed implementation content and requirements, and scientific assessment methods。The quality education curriculum is carried out through the implementation of compulsory and elective courses, online and offline, in class and after class。The program makes it clear that the quality education score is the result obtained by the students in the quality education assessment。Students' quality education performance evaluation is divided into five levels: below 120 is unqualified;125-140 scores are qualified;145-160 is medium;165-200 is good;A score of 205 or above is considered excellent。The quality education score is also used as the basis for students' admission to the Party and evaluation, and the personal quality education score ranks 50% of the class ranking in total, with the latter not allowed to participate in the party admission recommendation and evaluation。

4. Organization and construction mechanism

Brief description of league organization pattern:

The Student Union of Fuyang Vocational College of Science and Technology is a mass organization representing all the Chinese students in the college under the leadership of the university Party committee. It accepts the guidance and help of the Anhui Students' Federation and the University Youth League Committee, and independently carries out its work within the national Constitution, laws, regulations, school discipline and regulations。

Community Management Department: Established in 2021, it is under the leadership of the General Party Branch of the school, under the direct guidance of the school Youth League Committee, and serves as a bridge and link to the student communities of the school。Mainly responsible for the daily work of the school's student association construction and management evaluation committee and specific affairs such as community construction and management, by organizing student associations to carry out a wide range of colorful and healthy academic, scientific research, sports and public welfare activities, so as to activate campus culture and improve the comprehensive quality of students。

On October 15, 2021, our school held the 2021 Member Congress of Fuyang Science and Technology Vocational College of the Communist Youth League and the 2020 Student congress of Fuyang Science and Technology Vocational College。

5. Ensure support mechanisms

The Youth League Committee has 1 full-time staff, 0 temporary staff and 1 part-time staff。

Attached to the roster of school-level Youth League Committee cadres: Name department positions and division of labor whether it is a full-time Youth League cadre Liu Wenjie Youth League Committee Secretary is Gao Yang Yingjie Youth League Committee Secretary of the Student Union No

In 2021, the daily work funds of the school-level Youth League Committee will be allocated according to the standard of 30 yuan per student。

Fuyang Science and technology vocational College Youth League committee

December 2, 2021

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