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"School-enterprise Cooperation", "integration of industry and education"

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Fuyang Science and Technology Vocational College Leapfrog Development · Professional Article (UAV Application Technology)

A few days ago, the Ministry of Education and six national ministries and commissions formulated the Measures for Promoting Cooperation between Vocational colleges and universities and Enterprises.。This is a directional, basic, and overall action guide for implementing the requirements of "deepening the integration of industry and education and school-enterprise cooperation" in the report of the 19th National Congress, placing greater emphasis on problem-oriented, institutional innovation, and promotion, standardization, and guarantee。

The words "school-enterprise cooperation" and "production-education integration" have been frequently mentioned in the development process of vocational education。How to connect effectively between vocational colleges and enterprises?How to set up vocational college majors?How to build?Fuyang Vocational College of Science and Technology has made unremitting exploration。

In order to implement the relevant spirit of the Ministry of Education on "in-depth promotion of school-enterprise cooperation and training of a group of talents in short supply for related industries", our school conducted field research on a number of domestic enterprises, and finally chose to reach strategic cooperation with Qianhe Group, a well-known domestic enterprise, through the mode of "school-enterprise combination" in 2017。The college has established deep cooperative relations with enterprises,The UAV application technology is professionally built on the industrial chain,Introduce business practice projects into teaching,Emphasis on students' hands-on ability,Connect with the drone employment market,Create a talent training model of "school-enterprise co-construction and oriented training",Achieve deep integration of school-enterprise cooperation。After the completion of this major, students can be engaged in film and television aerial shooting, television, agricultural plant protection, maritime surveillance and rescue, public security, fire protection, urban traffic, land bureau, environmental protection, power line patrol, fishery supervision, urban planning and management, meteorological detection and other work。This deep cooperation ensures that every student of school-enterprise co-construction can find a job with a high salary, and also cultivates a large number of high-quality and high standard applied talents for the research and development, maintenance and testing, operation and other aspects of the UAV industry。

Huge equipment investment teaching: In April 2018, the UAV training room was established in the school,More than 200,000 yuan has been invested in UAV teaching equipment (50 simulators, 10 four-axis multi-rotor training aircraft, 7 semi-finished four-axis multi-rotor assembly and maintenance machines, 60 UAV batteries, 20 sets of UAV blades, 2 sets of UAV maintenance tools, 5 sets of electric iron hot dryer + welding platform, 5 sets of UAV charger + charging board, 3 measuring appliances, 2 conical barrels, and multiple drones)Accessories, etc.)。

In the later stage, according to the needs of teaching, we will increase the equipment investment of drones, provide students with practical training and practice courses on campus, deep integration of school and enterprise, good teaching mechanism, and timely tracking service, so as to plug in the wings of students' employment。Three years of school = three years of work, school = work, graduation = employment, in Fuyang Vocational College of Science and technology UAV application technology major, this dream really shine into reality!

 Uav application technology is a high-tech cutting-edge technology industry vigorously supported by our country. Uav plays an important role in modern human life, and more and more industries are hoping to replace the traditional way of working with UAV。Uav control has the advantages of no casualties, low operating costs, good maneuverability, and super vision, so the application of UAV is more and more extensive, and it also brings a large number of UAV control and application talents。According to the forecast of relevant experts, China will need up to 200,000 UAV professionals by 2018, and the demand for UAV talents is in short supply。Uav will be a desirable high-paying career, and the establishment of UAV major in the college will open up new ways for students to find employment and open up a new blue ocean of UAV career。

Professional construction can reflect the quality of a school。Our school will work together, forge ahead, be pragmatic, create a fist professional with regional characteristics, professional characteristics, industry characteristics, and school characteristics, train more craftsmen, and lay a solid foundation for "Made in China"。

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